Cargo insurance

INTRADE company offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the fastest developing areas is cargo insurance.


Our capabilities in cargo insurance

  • OPTIMAL COST. INTRADE offers adequate prices for each case, because the key to successful delivery is also an additional customer confidence in the safety of the cargo.
  • INSURANCE "AGAINST ALL RISKS". This is the most successful cargo insurance system, which allows the customer to be confident in the safety of cargo throughout the entire transportation.
  • CLEAR SYSTEM. In case of force majeure situations, the company's specialists are guided by clear instructions, which provide assistance in the inspection of damaged cargo, as well as the preparation of all necessary documents. Experienced INTRADE employees and trusted partners are ready to help in any situation.

Cargo insurance: our advantages

  • OPTIMALITY. INTRADE uses an optimal insurance scheme. In order to use it, the customer should contact the professionals of the company.
  • EFFICIENCY. In the event of unforeseen situations, employees of the company are guided by clear instructions and rules provided for each case. Such a developed scheme allows you to have executed all documents as quickly as possible.
  • COMPETENCE. INTRADE employees effect a policy of insurance and deal with force majeure situations for about 20 years, so they know about all the pitfalls of this area.
  • CALM. Cargo insurance allows customers to be calm as regards the safety of their cargoes.

Rules for the carriage of goods by road

Truck transportation is subject to a strict regulatory system. There are a number of national and international regulatory acts governing the conditions of carriage, licensing activities, customs paperwork standards, rules for the transport of certain goods, etc. INTRADE is thoroughly informed about all the necessary legislation, and also monitors making adjustments to all the documents necessary for proper transportation.

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