Transportation by road

The INTRADE company offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the most dynamically developing areas is international cargo transport. Since 2004, the organization has increased the number of orders to 8,000 per year and is not going to stop there.


ADR cargoes are cargoes that have certain properties that in the process of cargo transportation can cause a fire or an explosion, causing contamination with harmful substances. Such goods damage the health of any living organisms, and lead to the destruction of buildings and vehicles.

Our capabilities in the international transportation of goods

  • TRANSPORTATION BY ROAD. The transport provider has been delivering various types of cargo for almost 20 years. Among other things, INTRADE delivers refrigerated, oversize, expensive, dangerous and consolidated cargoes.
  • INSURANCE OF CARGO. INTRADE uses an insurance system “against all risks”, which allows customers to be confident in the safety and security of cargo at any stage of delivery.
  • CUSTOMS SERVICES. The transport and logistics provider additionally offers the services of cargoes customs escort. Our advantages when transporting goods by road
  • QUALITY. INTRADE offers competent international transport of various types of goods for various industries. More than 8,000 shipments per year - more than 8,000 satisfied customers.
  • EXPERIENCE. Our company has been operating in the market since 1999. During this time, the transport and logistics provider has earned itself a good business reputation, has gained trustworthy partners, and has also developed its customer base.
  • EFFICIENCY. The company coordinates delivery times with customers and is ready to deal with urgent orders if it does not affect the quality of delivery. INTRADE uses a modern technical park and has highly qualified professionals, therefore it is always ready to arrange the delivery of goods within the optimum time.
  • MODERN TRUCK FLEET. The company has 25,000 modern vehicles that are ready to deliver the goods according to all rules for the carriage of goods by road. They are also equipped with the necessary technical equipment to ensure the necessary conditions of delivery throughout the journey.
  • WIDE GEOGRAPHY. INTRADE delivers cargoes to 10,000 regions, including the countries of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe, as well as the Baltic States. Also, cargoes are delivered to the CIS countries – Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.
  • SERVICE. 24/7. The company's vehicles are equipped with tracking systems, so at any moment INTRADE experts will be able to advise customers on the location of the cargo. In addition, each order is handled by a special employee who is ready to resolve any force majeure circumstances (if any) at any time of the day or night.

Rules for the carriage of goods by road

Truck transportation is subject to a strict regulatory system. There are a number of national and international regulatory acts governing the conditions of carriage, licensing activities, customs paperwork standards, rules for the transport of certain goods, etc. INTRADE is thoroughly informed about all the necessary legislation, and also monitors making adjustments to all the documents necessary for proper transportation.

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