INTRADE company offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the most dynamically developing areas of its activities is international refrigerated transportation, where goods must be provided with the necessary temperature throughout the entire transportation time.


Our capabilities: international refrigerated transport

  • SPECIAL-PURPOSE VEHICLES. Vehicles that are engaged in such transportation are equipped in compliance with all the necessary technical conditions, taking into account all the specifics of the goods. When transported in such conditions, the product does not lose its quality.
  • EQUIPMENT. The company's vehicles are equipped with all technological means that allow both to cool and warm the cargo, as well as to deeply freeze it. Refrigerators and isothermal vans are always at the disposal of customers.
  • SERVICE 24/7. If INTRADE customers want to make sure of the cargo storage conditions, they can contact the company's professionals at any time of the day, who, among other things, will tell them about the location of the goods. This is possible thanks to fact that the vehicles are equipped with modern navigation systems.

International refrigerated transport: our advantages

  • OPTIMAL ROUTE. To ensure the highest possible speed of delivery, INTRADE experts will build the most advantageous route for each type of cargo.
  • EXECUTION OF RULES. To maintain the desired temperature of the cargo there are a number of specific requirements for the equipment of the vehicle, as well as sanitary norms and standards. Employees of the transport and logistics provider meet them in full.

Rules for the carriage of goods by road

Truck transportation is subject to a strict regulatory system. There are a number of national and international regulatory acts governing the conditions of carriage, licensing activities, customs paperwork standards, rules for the transport of certain goods, etc. INTRADE is thoroughly informed about all the necessary legislation, and also monitors making adjustments to all the documents necessary for proper transportation.

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