Oversize cargoes

INTRADE company offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the most dynamically developing areas of activities is oversize cargo transportation by road.


Our capabilities: organization of oversize cargo transportation

  • ROUTE. The experts carefully work out the route for each order, which also includes the development of a transportation schedule, the choice of means and professional employees, the loading and unloading of goods, as well as all additional necessary procedures as agreed with the customer.
  • PARAMETERS. INTRADE provides transportation of oversize goods according to the established standards. 4 m (vehicle height with load); 2.55 m (its width); 20 m (length with trailer).
  • HEAVY LOADS. The transport and logistics provider also offers transportation of oversize heavy cargo. Regulations set that the allowable weight for a single vehicle is 32 tons.
  • INSURANCE. The company's specialists will help insure the cargo "against all risks", as well as to draw up customs and accompanying documents.

International transportation of oversize cargo: our advantages

  • QUALITY. The company's experts know all the rules of cargo transportation, including the procedure for the transportation of heavy and oversize cargoes, therefore, they guarantee their high-quality and timely delivery.
  • SPEED. Cargo delivery is carried out by technological transport means, moreover - oversize cargoes do not need additional documents, they are loaded and cross the border faster. Therefore, they are delivered within a shorter time.
  • LOW COSTS. Transport costs, in comparison with other types of cargo, are low, which allows reallocation of funds for other purposes.

Rules for the carriage of goods by road

Truck transportation is subject to a strict regulatory system. There are a number of national and international regulatory acts governing the conditions of carriage, licensing activities, customs paperwork standards, rules for the transport of certain goods, etc. INTRADE is thoroughly informed about all the necessary legislation, and also monitors making adjustments to all the documents necessary for proper transportation. Employees of the company also issue a special permit for the transportation of oversized cargo.

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