Consolidated cargoes

INTRADE company offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the most dynamically developing areas is consolidated cargo transportation. This interesting area causes additional interest among employees of the company.


Our capabilities for transportation of consolidated cargoes

  • VARIOUS DIMENSIONS. For delivery as part of consolidated cargo, goods of various sizes are accepted, which are located in a vehicle with other groups of goods of other customers.
  • INSURANCE. In case of cargo transportation of consolidated cargoes, there is an increased safety even without concluding an insurance contract, however, insurance “against all risks” increases the level of customer's calm.
  • SPECIAL SCHEMES. To satisfy customers, INTRADE carefully examines each cargo and works out the most comfortable route agreed with customers.

Delivery of consolidated cargoes from Europe: our advantages

  • LOW COST. Due to the more optimal use of space in the vehicle, costs for its delivery get reduced.
  • EXPERIENCE. Almost 20 years in the transport and logistics market, 8,000 shipments per year - INTRADE is responsible for each cargo.
  • PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES. The company's professional employees are constantly improving their skills by participating in educational courses, seminars and exhibitions. This allows them to master any transport and logistics operations even more skillfully.
  • WIDE GEOGRAPHY. INTRADE delivers cargoes to 10,000 regions, including the countries of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe, as well as the Baltic States. Also, cargoes are delivered to the CIS countries – Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

Rules for the carriage of goods by road

Truck transportation is subject to a strict regulatory system. There are a number of national and international regulatory acts governing the conditions of carriage, licensing activities, customs paperwork standards, rules for the transport of certain goods, etc. INTRADE is thoroughly informed about all the necessary legislation, and also monitors making adjustments to all the documents necessary for proper transportation. Employees of the company also make out.

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