Russia, Belarus, Baltic States

Transport and logistics company Intrade provides high-quality professional services. Mapping the most optimal route for each case and choosing the method of transportation, the company's employees take into account all the needs and capabilities of customers.

Among the main most progressive areas of the company activities is transportation in Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States. Planning the route, Intrade experts are guided by a number of regional features.

  • Cargo transportation between Russia and Belarus, as well as the Baltic countries, implies a special procedure for the execution of documentation, including international consignment notes. Our experts monitor all changes in the laws of the countries, as well as take into account all the nuances of the paperwork.
  • Russia is the largest country in the world, therefore it has great opportunities for transportation, where the rules of transportation are unified. It is located mainly in temperate latitudes, which makes the delivery of goods calm. In winter, snow falls everywhere, so the equipment of vehicles needs to be changed. It is bordered by Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and the DPRK. This, firstly, provides new opportunities for the delivery of goods through this country, and secondly, allows the country to develop, including as a transport artery.
  • Most of Belarus is represented by plains, in the central part there are groups of small hills, which allows you to organize a comfortable route. The country borders European countries, and this is positively related to transport development. The country lies in a temperate climate zone its western part being located in a transitional terrain from sea climate to continental. This mild climate mostly does not require special conditions of transportation.
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have an important political, geographical, and favorable economic and geographical position, having access to the Baltic Sea, which causes the interest of numerous transport companies. The relief of the Baltic is flat, mostly low, the climate is temperate. This allows you to create optimal routes for transportation.

Advantages of Intrade


Services provided by Intrade in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Baltic countries

  • Transportation of goods by road
  • Urgent transportation.
  • Transportation of various types of cargo (except for transportation of general cargoes, the company is engaged in the delivery of dangerous, bulky, oversize, high-price and other goods).
  • Cargo insurance (insurance system "against all risks").
  • Customs services.

To place an order for transportation, contact the office of the company or use the special entry on the official website of the organization.


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