Southern Europe

Transport and logistics company Intrade provides high-quality professional services. Employees of the company take into account all the wishes of customers to map the most optimal route for each case and choose the method of transportation.

Among the main most progressive areas of the company activities is transportation in the countries of Southern Europe. Planning the route, Intrade experts are guided by a number of features of the Southern Europe region.

  • Elevated geography. It creates additional tasks that need to be solved for the efficient transportation of goods. Our experts are aware of all its features, therefore, they plan the route taking into account all the possible features of this area.
  • Hot climate. The subtropical Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm temperatures and high humidity. This should be considered when choosing vehicles and delivery conditions. For example, to maintain the desired temperature in our fleet there are refrigeration units that can be used when transporting goods in Southern Europe.
  • The countries are located on the main sea routes from Europe to Asia, Africa and Australia, and Spain and Portugal are on the routes to Central and South America, so multifaceted ties with various continents have a favorable effect on the transport development of the region.
  • The relief of the region is the alternation of lowlands, hilly ridges and individual mountain ranges up to 1000 m high, therefore, Intrade experts are careful while mapping a route, taking into account the natural peculiarities of each country.

Services provided by the organization in Southern Europe

  • Reliable road transport
  • Making urgent delivery. Intrade meets customers' needs and works non-stop to ensure the highest possible speed in the organization of transport and logistics processes.
  • Cargo insurance. To gain additional confidence in the safety of goods is simple: we use the insurance system “against all risks”.
  • Customs services. Experts select the necessary solutions for each shipment, collecting the required documents.

Advantages of Intrade

  • High-quality delivery.
  • Advanced truck fleet.
  • Individual approach to each case.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Minimization of delivery time and strict adherence to the terms of transportation.
  • Experienced drivers and logistics experts.

To place an order for transportation, contact the office of the company or use the special entry on the official website of the organization.

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